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Future Of Fedora Spins Is Questioned With Fedora.Next

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    Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
    Well, from what I see here:

    It appears that Fedora is thinking of focusing the Workstation to Gnome as the default desktop and is not removable, as wlll be the case with any package that is shipped by default in Workstation. So any other desktop will have to be installed in addition to Gnome. Which means: you must have Gnome + any other desktop of your choice but Gnome must stay.

    Basically, it comes down to this: is it a default in Fedora Workstation? Yes? You may not remove it under any circumstances. Remove it, and it's no longer Fedora Workstation and don't expect any support on it, because it will not be supported (no bug reports for you!). Christian's response makes it quite clear:
    I don't think it means you won't get support. It's just that if you don't use the default DE in Fedora Workstation, the automatic bug reporting tool will be disabled. You can still file bugs manually, which is what I've done anyway.