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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta Released

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    Originally posted by Ericg View Post
    I'm actually more surprised they didn't go for 3.13 o.O I realize its the bleeding edge but I would think enterprise with hundreds of cores would be drooling over the new IO code to run against as many cores as needed
    I wouldn't be surprised if Red Hat back-ports that code to 3.10 at some point. The RHEL kernel is very very different from a stock vanilla kernel and contains a whole lot of backports from newer kernels.


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      Originally posted by michal View Post
      "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta 1 is based upon the Fedora 19 package set and the upstream Linux 3.10 kernel"

      I think that it's actually based on Fedora 18. There are many changes from F19.
      It is based on F19, and it has some stuff from F20, like improved classic mode for example. Classic mode in F19 didn't have right clicking on panel icons, F20 and RHEL7 have it.

      F19 came with 3.9 kernel and later updated to 3.10 and then to 3.11. I know because it crashed my NVIDIA drivers. So the kernel in RHEL7 is actually newer than stock Fedora 19.