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gOS: The Conceptual Google OS

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  • gOS: The Conceptual Google OS

    Phoronix: gOS: The Conceptual Google OS

    Earlier this week Everex launched the gPC TC2502, which is a sub-$200 PC sold at a major US retailer, but what makes this unique is that it runs the gOS. The gOS (GreenOS) is designed to be a conceptual Google Operating System that is based upon Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. Though this is not the conventional GNOME desktop environment but an Enlightenment E17 desktop is used that is heavily modified and reflects a green Google theme. The gOS provides easy access to Google services such as YouTube, Google Product Search, Google Calendar, and Google Maps. Also a click away are other web services such as Wikipedia and Facebook. This isn't a pure Internet desktop but Xine, Skype,, and other applications are available for this Linux LiveCD. We've been trying the gOS out for a while and it's a rather nice slim desktop Linux distribution that would be perfect for Internet cafes and other public places.

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    I wish they would link to the products in question in articles like these. Where do I find GreenOS and the product page for this sub $200 computer?


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      I find it particularly interesting that they used e17 as the desktop of choice. Not that its a bad desktop, I kind of like it, but its extremely alpha software and NOT user friendly in the least little bit...

      I hope this doesn't turn people off form using Linux at all because of the desktop choice.



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        May I ask how did you get the gOS? (Other than buying a gPC :P )


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          Originally posted by Extreme Coder View Post
          May I ask how did you get the gOS? (Other than buying a gPC :P )
          You can go to thier web site and grab the torrent for the iso. If their site is not responding, you can get the torrent on

          Apparently is just a development version which is too large to fit on a normal cd (728Mb) though most everything seems to work.


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            And you don't need to buy a $199 PC to load it. You can download gOS right now. Unfortunately, the developer's site seems to be down at the moment, but you can find gOS on several Torrent trackers.

   is the developer site
   links to torrents

            these people provided the above information

            these people covered this story and are in my RSS reader

            We shouldn't all be afraid like: "I don't like that choice, I hope they don't dislike linux for that". People that want gnome will install it quickly, people that know nothing about linux like the fact that there are just a few big buttons. gnome is a bit scary to newcomers imho.

            Anyway, besides that, lets just be gutsy and put our stuff out there so they can make up their mind. The perfect solution never exists. Just the current one.

            This is a good step imho, I would buy it for some of my relatives. If it were sold here. (I wish more european chains would jump on this bandwagon, I'm pretty sure there is a bigger market for it over here) at 200$ it's a perfect beginners PC, and for the grandparents it's something nice to play with, that isn't entirely wasted if they end up not using it. And there is all the benefit of not having to build these systems by hand.


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              This pc is actually cheaper than if you were to build it with the same specs

              Also another funny thing is that the pc gets 100 dollars more expensive if you go for the Vista option:P

              I really want to buy this as the power consumption will be very low, but i fear that the taxes and shippiong will make this pc way more expensive , so i wait and hope someone will sell this in europe to.


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                You can have it as a live CD as the guy above mentioned or you can try it on a virtual machine.
                Here's a demonstration/instruction.