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Fedora 20 Alpha "Heisenbug" Is Now Out For Testing

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    Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
    Yeah, sorry. Fedora is an independent community whose leaders just by shear coincidence are mostly employed by Red Hat, just like Gnome.
    I don't think anyone ever said Fedora was independent or that the fact that several Fedora people work for RH was a 'coincidence'; you are putting words in people's mouths, here. What Rahul said was that RH does not make those decisions, and that is entirely correct.

    You can, in fact, watch that particular decision being made in glorious technicolor with stereo sound, if you like. Go to . That's the meeting where we decided what the blocking desktops for Fedora ARM would be. Some of the people there work for Red Hat, some don't. Amazingly we all seem to get along just fine.

    edit: and btw, there are people from rather a lot of different companies working on GNOME. There used to be even more people from Sun and Novell working on it, but those companies cut their GNOME teams quite heavily. What would you have liked Red Hat to do? Fire a bunch of engineers and hurt the project quite badly (not to mention those engineers...) just so the numbers would look even?