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gNewSense 3.0 Switches From Ubuntu To Debian

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    Originally posted by FLHerne View Post
    P.S.: I noticed about halfway through writing this that the quoted post is quite possibly sarcasm, although Poe's Law does of course make it impossible to be certain of this fact. My point still stands in that case, even if it does restate the previous point and become strawman-ish.
    In this case, I believe it's very possible to be certain of the fact.


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      Ubuntu used to have an option to restrict non free features.

      Sounds a bit sanctimonious to me.

      Meanwhile, driver ABI keeps changing; fragmentation reigns!


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        Originally posted by funtastic View Post
        I think the difference here is in: can the manufacturer update the software? If he can't then I think the fsf would consider it hardware, if not, I don't think so, because it is an artificial limitation. In fact if only the manufacturer can update the software and it is open source, it is what stallman calls tivoization. So no, I wouldn't say an android (for example) phone with locked bootloader would be considered hardware, but maybe if the os was installed on a rom it would.
        Well, the manufacturer can very well update the software of feature phones. They can also update the software (firmware) of CD drives and such. I suppose that could very well mean that it is considered proprietary software in that case, though, just that it's something you can't do much about.