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what's wrong with linux?

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  • what's wrong with linux?

    well hi, i have about 4 months of free time and i was thinking about rethinking linux, i'm just a lvl 7 wizard so dont expect a revolution or a new distro, but one never knows.
    I was thinking about using chroot and aufs and some scripts to make a sandbox os as in everything works independently of whatever software you have or library version or if you have incompatible versions installed.
    My first goal is having a console running that can at least run basic software by just running the command, all the magic happening in the background.
    For now i'm reading lfs and seing how puppy does its aufs magic.

    So tell me, what do you think linux is doing wrong? any advise?
    What i have in mind for now is fixing the backward compatibility with old outdated libs and per user apps