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  • Ubuntu Studio 7.10

    Phoronix: Ubuntu Studio 7.10

    Out of all of the official Ubuntu derivatives, the version that's received the least amount of attention during the 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) development cycle looks to have been Ubuntu Studio. If you missed out on our Ubuntu Studio 7.04 coverage, where this multimedia distribution had debuted, this is a Linux distribution targeted for the multimedia folks. Whether you're into audio, video, or graphics editing, Ubuntu Studio ships with a large set of multimedia tools backed by an Ubuntu-quality GNOME desktop.

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    ok, Im having trouble finding the final version of Ubuntustudio. I can only find the RC. what am I missing?


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      ubuntu studio kernel

      Does Ubuntu Studio come configured to use a low-latency kernel for audio editing or does it just use the stock Ubuntu kernel? (Does Ubuntu itself have a low-latency kernel?)


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        Ubuntu Studio uses the linux-image-rt metapackage, which gives you a realtime/lowlatency kernel.