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RHEL 7 Linux To Use GNOME 3 Classic Mode

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    I've been waiting for some time to find out what RHEL 7 was going to do. At my place of work, our applications make extensive use of Motif and Gnome2 stuff.

    We were really dreading what Redhat was going to do in the upcoming years. Where they going to go Gnome3 route? Most all our software is custom in house things, GUI's Motif and Gnome2 based. It will be interesting to see how this Gnome3 classic mode looks under RHEL 7. Then, we are still all tied to RHEL 5 yet, just starting to make the RHEL 6 transition plans.

    As long as I can still specify a window position/size via the API or command line we will still be happy. I just wish Gnome would have made the feature to specify which workspace to launch an GUI in, that was one think I liked with CDE back in the "olden days"