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Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" Released

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    Ubuntu 13.04 is amazing so far, I have installed it on 4 of my machines here. The only issue I had was HDMI audio not working by default for both nouveau & nvidia proprietary, but that was easily fixed by upgrading to kernel 3.8.9. Finally I can set my the Unity launcher icon size smaller than 32 pixels! Raring definitely makes up for the mediocre Quantal release.


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      making adjustments

      For me the Unity bar on a wide-screen display with smaller icons is not a burden; one may have it set to auto-hide also. The first thing I do on a new install is get classicmenu-indicator which gives me everything in a drop-down menu.

      Don't like the icons? Get different ones. There are a fair number of icon replacement sets now available. Don't like Unity? Install something else. Works best if you pick something that will integrate well. A bit of searching and some forum diving ought to give all the infos needed to find something that works for you. Finding a good utility that'll help you do fine tuning of configuration is not quite fun, but also not that hard to do. I put classic full sliders back on my windows, for starters. The only real hassle I've got is not being able to get a larger cursor that works across X-server.


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        Michael, you could have linked this thread:!

        Is this a prime example of NIH syndrome we hear so much about nowadays?


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          is it a good idea to backport

          About two years ago, after reading a bit on the yeas and nays of it, I turned on 'backports' in the sources tab.

          My laptop always has the last LTS with backports, the tower usually has the latest release - and with backports enabled.

          I figured with backports that I'd get any improvements and fixes - newer kernel, graphics, drivers, and so forth.

          Do you think this is a good thing to do? What do you do?


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            Guide: Upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail in less than 20 minutes


            I continue the upgrade guide series by bringing to you a new one: a little step-by-step guide with screenshots to illustrate the upgrade process from Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal to 13.04 Raring Ringtail very precisely.

            I hope this screenshot-guide is of use for those looking to upgrade to the latest (and IMHO greatest) version of Ubuntu


            I am looking forward to your feedback!



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              "Don't like the icons, theme? Get different ones. "

              oh yes, because they make it really easy to do that

              it's not like you have to install third party applications to change theme/icons and it's not like you have to add ppa's to get such themes icons etc, and it's not like some work other's don't