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Red Hat Announces "RDO" OpenStack Distribution

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  • Red Hat Announces "RDO" OpenStack Distribution

    Phoronix: Red Hat Announces "RDO" OpenStack Distribution

    From the OpenStack event taking place this week, Red Hat has announced RDO, which will serve as a new community-supported OpenStack distribution...

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    OK, can anyone shed some light on wtf is happening today ? First I heard the news of Linux foundation promoting Xen as a collaborative project and then half an hour later my twitter account get DoSed with the OpenStack announcements, webinars, demos, news etc...

    To put LF and Xen aside (it's not much of surprise, listing companies like Citrix, Oracle and Amazon as active members of LF), I actively use KVM for virtualization at home and at work in the enterprise enviroment and I love it. I have beef with current issues with gnome-keyring and virtmanager and spice, so OpenStack (at least what I saw from the demo) comes as a gift from heavens. I am totally satisfied with KVM performance, however managing those vm's can be a pain in the a** so KVM performance and OpenStack dashboard for VM management is a great combo.

    Maybe these two news are not connected in any way, but it sounds strange to me that LF on one side and RedHat and HP on the other one are agressively advertising their solutions (or would be solutions) for virtualization and cloud computing in such a short time period (there was half an hour delay between these two).