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OpenSUSE 12.3 Released

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  • OpenSUSE 12.3 Released

    Phoronix: OpenSUSE 12.3 Released

    Six months after releasing openSUSE 12.2, the openSUSE 12.3 release is now ready for Linux users worldwide...

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    12.3 is very nice.

    Systemd migration is (almost) complete You can test dracut as replacement for initrd gen. scripts (OpenSuSE have 3 of them ).
    And some other infra. work that nicely update SuSE.

    * sysvinit compatibility layer is still there though all suse scripts are already migrated to systemd, and its only for user own scripts
    * rsyslog is still default logger, and when you remove it it will not advice you about systemd-journal being replacement..


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      Originally posted by przemoli View Post
      * rsyslog is still default logger, and when you remove it it will not advice you about systemd-journal being replacement..
      Why is the part about advice worth mentioning???


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        Awesome. Will wait a bit before upgrading, but this is definitely good to hear.

        Though it's too bad that they are not shipping GStreamer 1.0-capable phonon-gstreamer, from what I can see. On the other hand, it's on OBS, so it's still something.


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          Looks like a nice release. There, have some POSITIVITY for once.


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            fglrx legacy support ends here

            And if you are still hanging on to your AMD HD2000 - HD4000 card, you will discover that you can't use the fglrx driver any more as it doesn't support Xorg 1.13.


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              Very happy with 12.3, I think it looks great.

              Starts up faster then 12.2.

              Installing steam was fun, just search it in yast
              ( after adding additional repoś)


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                Will be trying this soon.


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                  I installed on my box with a nvidia gtx 550 ti - ironically I encountered tearing moving windows something I haven't encountered for ages. Only I couldn't seem to resolve it. So back to ub untill it matures a bit and then maybe try again.


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                    I recently switched to opensuse 12.3 gnome, loving it so far. this is the first time I've tried opensuse in a long time, and man its come a long way. I think last time I tried to use it was 10.x/11.x and I had constant problems with package management and updates being slow and buggy to the point of being unusable. But today suse has the amazing zypper package manager, where has zypper been all my life? Its the most robust and reliable package manager I've ever used, the way it handles dependencies and 3rd party repositories is amazing. Being able to change vendors for packages and repo priorities is great. As a usage example it totally kicks the shit out of ubuntu's apt/ppa purge if you for example wanted to get rid of a 3rd party repo and go back to official packages. With zypper you can simply dup from your preferred repo with zypper or "switch installed packages to this repo" in yast and it will flawlessly handle it, with ubuntu you just have ppa-purge which doesn't even work right half the time.

                    The opensuse build service nicely compliments all of this too, there is a very good amount of community repos available. I was easily able to install steam and an obscure dkms driver for my laptop in a few clicks.

                    Opensuse is not without its flaws, permissions/groups/policykit stuff could be configured better by default, certain things like adding a printer have way too many password prompts, but I think I've found my new favorite distro, its very polished and robust.
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