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Fedora 18 Has Been Delayed Once More

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    Originally posted by lsatenstein View Post
    But special characters such as #,|,euro, etc. are missing or in different locations from the virtual console.
    This might be a stupid question, but have you tried using Alt Gr and rocking the numerical keys?


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      Its not a stupid question

      If the keyboard you get by living in Montreal is a Quebec French layout, then you would like to continue in English, but use that keyboard (which includes all the English alpha-numerics and most of the punctuation). The problem is that with Fedora 18 beta, the keyboard layout for the virtual terminal is English USA. When completing a field with Gnome or KDE, or other, certain keys do not line up. As well, some fields are handled by gnome, while others are handled by GDM. (graphical display manager), with no indication of which is which.
      This means that some inputs fail, and some are wrong because of layouts. The Canada French keyboard for # is the English USA for the back quote
      To undersatnd what I mean, go to your keyboard select option in system setup and examine the Canada French Keyboard vs the USA english


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        what fedora hate man, I fucking use it but they sure aren't making things easy.

        it was built with firefox 16 and kernel 3.6 .. DEAL.. and that was the software that went tru the beta stages ... I don't care if you are able to immediately upgrade after you install the fact remains that the development process took so long that all the software it ships is outdated.

        it's not as easy but you can also upgrade kernels in ubuntu

        The reason to pick fedora over ubuntu is security and speed, but at this point I just wished they said "fuck it, there ain't gonna be a fedora 18. we are going str8 from 17 to 19 and getting 19 done right"

        €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ ???????????????? <- what's the problem ?


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          Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
          <Shitspewing rant>
          Here's a way to fix stuff.


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            Why the horrible lonb delay to F18?

            There are many reasons

            a) UEFI was one. Fedora needed the certificates and motherboard on which secure boot was installed, and which also ran Windows 8. Bios manufacturers are the same victims as are we.
            b) Fedora had a solution unique to Fedora, SUSE developed a solution that was universal. Fedora adopted that solution. Ubuntu did as well, but Ubuntu went with it's own and will switch over (I think)
            c) What you do for UEFI must also work for non-EUFI mother boards. Big delays here
            d) btfrs Q/A testing
            e) Trying to bring consistancy so that anaconda did not duplicate code that already existed. This is object oriented design, but older Fedora code was of functional design, and you hoped it all fell together. And it did not.
            f) Staffing. Too much and too little staffing delays a project.

            I have F18 installed. Most of all the applications that I have encountered work as well or better than they did in F17. But the delays are called blockers, and the blockers would impact thousands of existing or potential Fedora users. These must be resolved, or you would say, Lets switch. I don't need this crap.

            So yes, we help and we assist with testing and we wait patiently for the blockers to be resolved one by one. And the clock ticks on.

            At least with F18, you will have a very easy upgrade to F19. you will have one program to run, titled fedup (one word, not two)