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RHEL 5.9 or CentOS 5.9 2012 Q4... still time?

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  • RHEL 5.9 or CentOS 5.9 2012 Q4... still time?

    Is anyone else jones'ing for the 5.9 release? Redhat said it would be 2012 Q4. They still got time... they are on the west coast(hmm I don't know that for sure, just assumed)

    I know most people here on on the bleeding edge Ub and Fedora, I am at home but at work it is going to be helpful. I so hope they have include some openmotif bugs fixes they did in 6.x.

    I was just really asking, as I know there are those of you. That are looking for this update. I was glad they did the 5.8.

    Hey, this is my job. At least my company says "You must use RHEL 5.x" and not "You must use Windows xyz" Ok in reality, I am one of the people that make those decisions, just too much software written for RHEL 5.x right now. I can only switch some of it, many commerical companies, RSI, Oracle, Rational, and so on are still stumbiling with this idea of Linux.