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KANOTIX 2007 Thorhammer RC6

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  • KANOTIX 2007 Thorhammer RC6

    KANOTIX 2007 Thorhammer RC6 is released

    J?rg Schirottke (Kano) has released KANOTIX 2007-Thorhammer-RC6

    - Kernel 2.6.22 (Ubuntu Kernel with Modifikations and some patches)
    - i586 optimization - not for use with older CPUs!
    - 192 MB RAM required, 256 MB RAM recommended
    - Acritox Installer, install program with many new functions from Andreas Loibl
    - Actual Kanotix Theme from Cathbard
    - Xorg 7.1.1, Beryl 0.2.0, VDR 1.5.2, ALSA 1.0.14, ndiswrapper 1.47
    - aufs/ unionfs support (with aufs/unionfs cheat), GParted 0.3.3 with ntfs resize
    - NTFS-3g support
    - KDE 3.5.5a, Openoffice 2.0.4, Amarok 1.4.7, K3b 0.1.3
    - Iceweasel, IceDove Mail/News Client, GIMP 2.2.13
    - New functions which have to be discovered
    sidux is what KANOTIX was: a Debian/sid based distribution. Kano has decided that KANOTIX should use Debian/etch and this is the first release with this huge change. Debian/etch is the most stable Linux system avaible. It has less bugs than any other distributions and KANOTIX takes advantage of it and includes backports from popular applications and let's you install uptodate drivers/firmwares with its easy to use scripts. Furthermore, KANOTIX uses an uptodate kernel.

    If someone is looking for a rockstable distribution that runs on very old and brand new hardware and has popular applications backported, try KANOTIX Thorhammer!