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The Future Of Fedora Gets Debated, Again

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    I am not using fedora very long... only on one machine... it has some problems... but I also like it... I vote for both ^^ for me I like to get gnome 3.7.2 so I have to use rawhide... but on the other side I cant just use bleeding edge on all my systems... ^^ so I did not switch yet from my server/htpc from ubuntu to fedora ^^ but thats maybe also only because I have to less experince with fedora and are because of that not ready to risk here breaking something.

    So to say that fedora maybe only keeps its very core users if they focus on bleeding or cutting edge is maybe wrong I think... yes maybe they get not very attractive then for windows-switchers... but they maybe steel much "hardcore users" from other distros.... So I am not the typical ubuntu user, I used gentoo, debian and some others before it, but it gives descent level of availibility, so you can get most what you want from betas or from ppas... and its nearly new enough if you use this features. As example debian fails their in that they are just not focused on desktop... they dont have a full gnome 3.7.2 in unstable or experimental yet... so they are not very attractive for desktop users that are not very very conservative... and they also have not the same level of new packages in unstable over the complete release cycle... so if it goes near a release also unstable and testing gets older that sucks...

    So if fedoras rawhide stays cutting edge even near a release I would like that very much. Is that like that? So if you want to make releases additionaly to that, what I think is a good idea because then I can use the same distro on the pcs of my releatives, where they dont want to have cutting/bleeding edge, then I like the generall release sheme of ubuntu, release early and often and time based... 1 year is to long, just release a good time-period fixed to gnome. 6 months is a good release cycle and making something like lts for others too if your 6 month releases are at the beginnging as buggy as they are, or call at least each 3. release or so to be better supported... or each second dont care much...

    I think at the moment many Ubuntu users search a new home... some because of unity and switching away from gnome-vanilla, some because of the ongoing always getting worse moral desitions canonical makes with spyware and shit commercialising the distribution... many of the ubuntu users that have some background with free software idiolegy even if they stay a bit practical with it, start to feel worse and worse using ubuntu. So fedora should use that alternative-search-time-span we have now... so its not good that just now they have bigger problems with releaseing stuff and installers...
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      Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
      It is the same as Fedora, only the base system gets freezes, and apps on top of the frozen base are rolling.

      Seems good to me, but then again, why not just fix it with an extra repository?
      My general concern with systems like that is that defining what is 'base' and what is 'apps' is far more difficult than it first appears.

      I think it holds as a general precept that the more borders you define, the more borderline problems you will have.


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        That topic again? For those wanting a Fedora LTS, Fedora Legacy.
        Need manpower and someone to revive the project. Any taker?


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          Originally posted by garegin View Post
          i've got a solution to the
          it's called bundles and chakra uses it. why can't all the other mainstream distros.
          Not to argue, but i think that site is even worse than the problem that it claims to fight, those guys are even more narrow-minded than linux zealots and apple fans put together, it's incredible! (just read a few pages, maybe it's just ironic)

          Sorry for the off topic

          Chakra bundles are very, very interesting imho, it would be cool if a big distro like fedora picks up them!