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The Future Of Fedora Gets Debated, Again

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    Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
    It is the same as Fedora, only the base system gets freezes, and apps on top of the frozen base are rolling.

    Seems good to me, but then again, why not just fix it with an extra repository?
    My general concern with systems like that is that defining what is 'base' and what is 'apps' is far more difficult than it first appears.

    I think it holds as a general precept that the more borders you define, the more borderline problems you will have.


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      That topic again? For those wanting a Fedora LTS, Fedora Legacy.
      Need manpower and someone to revive the project. Any taker?


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        Originally posted by garegin View Post
        i've got a solution to the
        it's called bundles and chakra uses it. why can't all the other mainstream distros.
        Not to argue, but i think that site is even worse than the problem that it claims to fight, those guys are even more narrow-minded than linux zealots and apple fans put together, it's incredible! (just read a few pages, maybe it's just ironic)

        Sorry for the off topic

        Chakra bundles are very, very interesting imho, it would be cool if a big distro like fedora picks up them!