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Ubuntu Prepares To Kill Off Metacity, Ups Compiz

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    Originally posted by JanC View Post
    I think you are misunderstanding this: they will drop it from the 'main' repository, which means it will move to the 'universe' repository.
    Ah, I see!

    That is perfectly fine then!


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      Originally posted by blinxwang View Post
      Unity is clunky, heavyweight, uncustomizable, and (as of this post) invades your privacy, but you don't need to delve into the registry to enable minimize and maximize buttons or install 5 extensions to restore sane functionality.
      Ah, it's refreshing to see that I am not the only one who sees it this way. IMO, so far Unity = epic disappointment. I use gnome on Ubuntu Lucid desktop (started with Karmic, and so far, no ubuntu desktop has met my standards to beat lucid. Maybe because I enjoy the Compiz composting and the general lack of "Unified" "convenience"). I use Xfce with 12.10 Ubuntu Studio for my PA computer to keep a modern jack audio development environment, and I use xDark when I must cross over for microsoft capability. I liked cinnamon on mint, but have managed to stick with Ubuntu so far. Headaches that I have experienced have mostly been with Skype, wifi chipsets and conflicting drivers in the kernel, realtime kernel setup with the jack server, and the persisting hemroid that is Unity showing up as the main desktop payload in every desktop distribution since. I used to check distrowatch like the lottery to see if this would be changed for a while, but have for now given up on such hopes and magical thinkings. Most everything else has been smooth sailing. In response to the new architecture entangled in Unity and Gnome3, I have grown curious as to whether one would experience the same shortcomings in a redhat environment such as openSUSE. It's nice to not have to rely on a prehistoric relic of a software corporation and its tired old methods of domination, I'm so happy for linux! Not sure what c****nikal and g*ome are doing trying to turn my desktop into an ipad like they did with the introduction of unity. As far as privacy concerns, they probably don't care as long as the venture capital funding keeps coming in. At least someone released a remedy to the exploit in Unity. More then I can say for Android, Facebook, Google, Skype, Microsoft, basically just about every software platform in the stock exchange.... the way I see it, they can watch until the roads on the moon rot