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Fedora 18 "Spherical Cow" Beta Finally Released

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    Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
    you are better off avoiding the dvd altogether.

    The only DE's that you can't run live sessions from, cinnamon and mate, don't really work so it's just a matter of picking gnome/kde/lxde/etc and install it from a live session

    I actually prefer the yumex graphical thing in the lxde version than the 'software' thing in gnome.

    just adding rpmfusion and then installing vlc, the process was simple and straightforward in yumex ... in 'software' you search for vlc and there's vlc media and core and phyton this and that and I installed a bunch of them but no vlc icon or anything.

    fedora desperately needs a software center :/
    I kinda agree, but it wouldn't necessarily change anything there. You got the 'vlc' package installed after all...the fact that it doesn't show up in the menus sounds like a bug?