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Debian Switches Back To GNOME From Xfce

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    Originally posted by oleid View Post
    I read the whole thread and all your posts. Yet, I don't see your point. Moving the mouse to the top left corner is fast and clicking a large thumbnail of a window is also fast due to it's size. If you want it really fast, however, use the keyboard. <Alt><Tab> is your friend. I know that you don't have your keyboard with you all the time. But what could you do what needs a fast window switching, but no keyboard input?
    I'm sure his only point is to provoke replies to his messages.


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      Great, just in time with gnome's decision to finally remove "fallback"...

      This decision is going to be challenged again soon. Gnome3 has nothing whatsoever to do with gnome2, as desktop environments are concerned; from an usage point of view, it is the same as if the distro suddenly decided to go with KDE, CDE or whatever.

      At least Mint tried to mitigate the mess with many forks to restore the "classic" experience on top of gnome3.
      Also the graphic requirements of gnome3 are a recipe for disaster, especially for a distro which emphasizes conservative "stable" choices.


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        Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
        I am simply baffled by the fact that people argue that going to the corner and then to centre again to click on a small version of your window is faster than having a taskbar.
        i am losing my patience with you. NO ONE EVER SAID THIS!!!
        if you are too inapt to read posts then you shouldn't write posts!

        How can you say that doing all that is an improvement over the concept of the taskbar?
        How can you not see that it's slower? It requires more movement of the mouse. How can doing more for the same thing be an improvement? Why didn't they just leave the taskbar alone.
        i hate the taskbar. it is the second most useless thing i ever found on DEs, right after the windows damn start menu.

        most of the time it just wastes space! for the moments i need to switch i either press super and then click the program or i driectly use alt tab. i take the extra milisecond for this over a permanent taskbar to get rid of this space wasting and ugly thing!

        for me it is one of the BIGGEST improvements ever. FOR ME!

        it is your right to not share my opinion on this. but because YOU cannot understand how OTHERS may like it it is at least ignorant to call the WHOLE gnome shell concept shit ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS LITTLE annnoyance for you.

        They wanted change for the sake of change. To seem that they are improving the UI by having revolutionary ideas or something. The taskbar is a good concept that doesn't need change. Leave it there!
        go use something else than. nearly any other de has this taskbar. i do not like it so i wellcome the first DE that has a not perfect but a valid new approach to DE concepts.
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          Originally posted by a user View Post
          i am losing my patience with you. NO ONE EVER SAID THIS!!!
          You're right. And I KNEW that he'd misinterpret my statement

          Actually, it seems as if he's not interested in a discussion at all -- obviously. Because he was told that there are extensions which bring back his sacred task bar.


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            Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

            If only people would *think* before writing such articles. Or just ask. Or just learn about free software development processes and what is a commit in a VCS.

            Debian has *never* switched to Xfce by default. Ever.

            In Debian wheezy, which is the current target of developers' efforts,
            tasksel *always* defaulted to GNOME. In Debian unstable, which is the testbed for packages to enter Debian wheezy, tasksel never defaulted to Xfce. Ever.

            The *git repository* for tasksel development has a commit by my friend Joey Hess which switches to Xfce. THIS WAS NEVER COMPILED AS A PACKAGE. Is that clear?

            The commit that's cited by this article was exactly meant for to keep with GNOME as a default for Debian. We needed to upload a new release of tasksel because the package got a release critical bug that needed to be fixed.

            In order to make this upload and still have the package acceptable by Debian release managers, the "Xfce default" commit needed to be temporarily reverted.

            Which is what I (Christian Perrier, [email protected], Debian developer since 2002) did :
            - revert the Xfce default
            - include a patch for a release critical bug
            - build tasksel with that release critical fix

            And, a few days later, I reintroduced the change that
            defaults to Xfce, in tasksel's git. To respect the work of Joey Hess and leave the issue to when it belongs : after the release of Debian wheezy.

            As of now, tasksel has *never ever* been built with Xfce as default.

            So, please, pretty please, stop publishing misinformation about things you don't understand and, for some people who commented in this thread, please stop commenting about things you don't understand.