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Fedora 18 Is Delayed Into 2013

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    Well you have to admit that the way fedora creates the overlay is very stupid way compared to others. There you have got much less space available than somewhere else - if you would switch to aufs then it would be much better.
    I don't know, I haven't really looked at it very closely. The whole live image config could probably do with a bit of an overhaul, but I don't know if anyone's very interested in doing it. It all needs converting to systemd too, which is kind of a drag to do.


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      something to take into account when developing fedora 19 and 20...

      not in a virtual machine.. but a live session from usb/cd/ram gives you an accurate image of how the OS will run on your laptop.

      I suppose many people, me included, lack the interest of actually installing the alpha but just want to run it to see how it's developing

      ... and since we are making suggestions:.

      fedora lxde feels at home in schools and ngo's, small businesses, etc...

      basically people with old hardware that just want a clean and functional secure OS

      now I have to say that, out of all the lxde distros, fedora is the ugliest most amateurish looking one... because of the themes it chose.

      I know red hat doesn't care about aesthetics or looks but like in liberte you can switch to NOX theme in knoppix you can switch to redmond, lubuntu looks ace, etc...

      in fedora all themes are ugly... you have to go to rpmfusion and look for gtk2 themes and then try to find the openbox obt on google ...

      you should have at least 2 or 3 decent themes to pick from like in other distros

      I will post here the lxde theme files of what I consider the best looking ones if anyone is interested
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        The answer to that in Fedora is simple - if you want there to be more themes, join the art team.


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          fedora has an art team??????????

          my case is rested


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            They used to be quite important in fact:

            I do agree that some of the spins could use a bit more work though. Still, here is the Fedora 17 LXDE desktop I set up for my mother:

            All I did was use the Adwaita Elements theme from Gnome Look and added a custom panel background.


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              sorry I really don't like it

              the window borders (openbox theme) doesn't really match and the icons just seem too fat and big.

              A theme should look clean and professional.

              here's an example


              anyways the best themes for lxde (in case the red hat people want to include them):

              Zuki blues gtk2+obt

              Nox + euphoria (gtk2+obt)


              and there are others but since I doubt they will be included so...
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                Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                the window borders (openbox theme) doesn't really match and the icons just seem too fat and big.
                Matching the icons is an interesting conceit - most themes that I have seen try to match the title bars and panel.

                The icons being big are a deliberate consideration for my mother. The Faenza theme I picked as I find the square icons to fit best with LXDE's panel positioning (which is still a little off in my opinion, but much better than it was six months ago) and because it gives a very consistent icon set (again, a consideration for my mother).

                Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                A theme should look clean and professional.
                Words that can be taken a multitude of different ways (well, this entire artistic discussion is kind of pointless in of itself).

                Cute, it looks like BeOS.

                Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                Zuki blues gtk2+obt ... Nox + euphoria (gtk2+obt) ...
                Any with GTK3 support as well? That is kind of a must these days...
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                  Still, maybe my Fedora Xfce setup would be more up your alley:

                  Very clean, very retro. Same theme (Adwaita Elements) and same icon set, again for consistency.


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                    yep that one does look much better.

                    I believe the default theme should always look clean and polished, as professional as possible.

                    I'm running the fedora beta candidate
                    3.6.6-3.fc18.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Nov 5 16:26:34 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

                    but I chose gnome instead of lxde and guess what

                    the brightness adjustment works fine under gnome

                    and it hasn't crashed once

                    so... they either improved it a lot or maybe it was my choice of running lxde that was fucking things up.

                    anyways good job, as much as I don't like gnome3 I can't really stay away from fedora