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I hate Gnome3

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  • I hate Gnome3

    Is this one of the worst developments in Linux? Gnome2 was ok. It was a decent fallback for those who didn't like KDE4 and wanted a bit more polish than XFCE delivered or perhaps XFCE was not enough. Unity is an abomination but Gnome3 is just a pile of SH**! Even Torvalds couldn't take it.

    I think the DEs have really gone down hill but there is no better example than the crud that is Gnome3. I'm not sure how fans use it. I would think you would need plenty of drugs handy.

    There's a lot of things that KDE does that annoys me to no end but because there is only XFCE or KDE for choices unless you want little to play with and go with Openbox or something, I think the thing about so many choices in Linux is a pile of crap, too. It's good to have choices but at least be honest: sometimes, they're crap, crap2 and crap3 and...etc.

    Edit: Oh yeah! LOL! The main reason for the post is to ask what is lost when you install one of the DEs that is not the default with the distro? For e.g., KDE or XFCE on Fedora and/or Debian?

    I guess XFCE at least allows gtk?