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Early Boot Speed Results For Ubuntu 12.10

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    Originally posted by mercutio View Post
    You meant W8 wakes up faster than Ubuntu boots.
    nah it boots slow, i'm not sure why yet. i'm kind of interested in boot speeds. windows 8 has got slower at logging in than it used to be. and ubuntu seems weirdly slow.

    i can't use the normal kernel though - i have a pretty standard gigabyte motherboard p67a-ud3-b3, i5-2500 cpu, ssd. and the ubuntu quantal kernel doesn't seem to work with
    my keyboard or mouse. the ubuntu precise kernel works, and my custom 3.6.rc6 kernel does.

    my custom kernel boots faster than the ubuntu kernel. i've got gdm disabled, static ip, network-manager and resolvconf disabled. X starts real fast with startx. and once i'm booted
    into the console part the system runs fast. it's just the boot is sluggish.

    maybe i'll do some timing tommorow. ubuntu starts on my virtual machines fast, but complains about plymouth. but as a desktop it seems to boot slow? it's not like i have lots of services
    running or anything, even things like dnsmasq i run on a seperate computer for a local cache.

    the other computer boots slow with ubuntu too. but at least my desktop is slightly faster with grub. what's with grub2 having painfully slow video code?


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      Originally posted by kraftman View Post
      You meant W8 wakes up faster than Ubuntu boots.
      No, It was never said that.
      Windows 8 boots faster than Ubuntu 12.10 on an SSD in multi-core configurations. This was the full point of the video links. Did you bother to click and to watch 1 minute each?
      As you may understand, the boot differs and depends a lot of how many things are started and read, and how much can be parallelized, without being stopped in I/O, and also it depends on the hardware. So for example, if you have an Intel video card, that is integrated, on Windows, there is an external driver that Windows installs, when in Linux is part of the Mesa/X11 stack. Of course that the part of the video driver on Linux starts a bit faster. Anyway, if we turn the tide on AMD systems, the Catalyst is made sub-par on Linux, and is not that well optimized, so it may load slower. The same happens with webcam, Wifi, every USB device that is detected.
      Overall, Linux starts faster if loads less, and loads it as fast as possible, faster than Windows.
      Maybe MeeGo like OS can boot really fast (on SSD), but a full desktop (Gnome or KDE) may not start as fast as Windows 8. It may be just because the Win8's Tiles do not have icons, so no pictures to load, just the fonts, when Linux desktop do load them.


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        Win8 does not boot normally. It is what others would call suspend 2 disk.


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          Originally posted by Kano View Post
          Win8 does not boot normally. It is what others would call suspend 2 disk.
          And obviously there was no discussion about Suspend to Disk, but the Boot Normally part. And there are the links already shown that it boots fast (and maybe faster than Ubuntu). If they did it even it doesn't appear to, to boot using a very smart preload policy, great to them, still means Ubuntu boots slower.