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Fedora 18 Alpha "Spherical Cow" Released

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    There's no way to install Fedora without using anaconda, no. What problem exactly are you having with the install? You didn't really describe it very well...


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      my apologies

      it fails after partitioning, right after it says that is starts install
      trows out a traceback jumping thru the python script ending up around the 900 something'ht line saying "unable to select/install(dont remember) package group: core"

      after upgrading yum to 3.4.3-44 it says it cant find/install(dont remember that good either) core in the forlast line, and in the last line it says it cant find/select/install group "groupid"

      i pressed it to send a report one time, but i dont know if it got thru since it froze for a while
      sry, cant give more details right now, was tired then and am using the usb-stick for puppy now

      i remember finding a discussion on a bug report about this, so i presumed it is about package groups changing
      now i found that the core packagegroup didnt change(or did it, idk) so im lost a bit

      note that the laptop has a gig of ram, but one would think the memory hungry python would start using the 2 gig of swap it made
      also sub standard is that i gave the installer 10gig of disk to play with

      if im the only one expiriencing this, il be happy to backup puppy that im using now and redo the install saving the errors to some external disk

      edit: i also noticed there was no other languages(locales, choosing installer language was fine) in the grafical anaconda installer
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        whats displayed to me

        the tmp folder

        this is with yum upgraded to 3.4.3-44


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          Using fedora 18 lxde right now, I can spot some regressions from F17 in this laptop but that is across the board for every distro since 3.5.

          The first alpha didn't have the firewall control panel, and that freaked me out... but the iso from yesterday has them so I'll be using it from now on. Too bad you can't run off mdns and ssh etc in a live session like you could on f17.

          I would only like to make a very big suggestion to red hat:

          In the lxde spin use this theme

          it makes lxde seem so professional and polished it is a night and day difference from the default themes.