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has anyone used that 'make your own suse 12.2' thing??

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  • has anyone used that 'make your own suse 12.2' thing??

    So here's what I would like to make:

    - A live cd of OS12.2 32 bits with kernel 3.5

    - Cinammon desktop like this one

    - Chrome 21 and Firefox

    - Firewalls and all the necessary network security things.

    But When I'm trying to make it it gives me a lot of packages with "build services" like 'network security build services'

    do I need to pick them all?

    there are a million packages and I'd just like to replace my live cd knoppix that has a weasel thing with one with MODERN chrome and firefox, and naturally a firewall better than knoppix one

    has anyone made one?

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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'network security build services' but if you what a minimal distro with up-to-date chrome and firefox

    - start a new appliance with minimal "JustEnough" os based on 12.2
    - add the "Cinnamon - openSUSE 12.2" repository (Software sources)
    - search for cinnamon and select "Cinnamon Desktop for openSUSE"
    - search for for firefox and select "MozillaFirefox"
    - search for chrom and add "Chromium
    - go to configuration and enable firewall in "General"
    - change default runlevel to 5 in "Startup"
    - go to build and select "Live CD"

    click build and you should be done.


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      that's it??

      why do they show you a million XXXXX build services etc etc etc?


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        That's it. I still don't know what you mean by "XXXXX build services". Do you think of the repositories?
        There is a huge amount of repositories available and the one you can search for are hosted by the so called "build service". There are the repositories which have the packages as they are on the official DVD and repositories which have a specific type of software (for example Cinnamon). You only have to add the ones you what not all of them.