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  • Fedora Core 6 Zod

    From Phoronix News:

    While we were all waiting for the release of Fedora Core 6 tomorrow, Jesse Keating has just issued a statement on the fedora-announce-list that the release of Fedora Core 6 has been pushed back to this Thursday. This is certainly a disappointment for those eagerly awaiting this release, but over the weekend several bugs cropped up in the latest spin. They hope to complete the spin process tomorrow and then allow the mirrors to update for Thursday. Jesse did, however, mention that Fedora Core 6 may need to get pushed back until next week if any new problems arise. We can only hope now that Fedora Core 6 will be ready to be pushed out this Thursday!
    Anyone else going crazy over the FC6 wait?
    Michael Larabel

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    Ugh, delayed again... more bugs cropping in the system.

    Bugs suck. More bugs suck more. I'd rather go DOWN in bug count with the trees we spin than up, so after some regressions popped up, we're going to respin again and push the release out until next Tuesday, the 24th.
    Michael Larabel


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      I have obtained early access to Fedora Core 6 official ISOs, and am in the middle of an install-fest right now. I'll have additional details to pass along later about any problems experienced and any other comments. So far it's performing well, etc... Look for it coming out on Tuesday.

      Yes, the codename is Zod for those that do not know.
      Michael Larabel


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        Fedora Core 6 Comments (Part 1)

        I have now installed Fedora Core 6 Zod on about a dozen machines David Lin has also begun to adopt Fedora Core 6, and I am sure he will have some information to pass on later.

        So far it has gone extremely well, and below are a few notes to make other Fedora users who are interested in upgrading to Fedora 6. I also have a few ramblings about bugs and other areas for improvement (Listed in no particular order).

        ~ Extras for Fedora Core 6 is already up @

        Other FC6 repos up:

        ~ yum support from Anaconda (nice!)

        ~ When minimizing windows, the window turns to black and then it minimizes (very annoying to the eye). This is not a problem when desktop-effects are enabled.

        ~ Ships with GAIM 2 (nice)

        ~ The desktop-effects (now installed by default) are incredibly easy to enable (System > Preferences > Desktop Effects). Worked without a hitch on an ATI Radeon 9200, 9250, X300, X300 Mobility, and X800 so far.

        ~ Improvements to notification framework (e.g. notifies of time to safely remove hardware).

        ~ When shutting down the computer, the text seems obscenely huge.

        ~ ATI fglrx users see:

        ~ If you too get Fedora 6 before Tuesday, you will need to enable Rawhide as the main yum repository currently isn't setup (OR just wait to use yum for a few days)

        ~ Anaconda still requires AHCI mode and passing all-generic-ide on Q965 + ICH8 systems.

        ~ New default font takes some getting used to.

        ~ Performance improvements throughout the desktop!

        ~ Setting time zones should move from the Anaconda installer to firstboot, like the SELinux options that moved to firstboot in FC5. Moving the time zones to firstboot would be easier for OEMs and retail PCs using Fedora.

        ~ Firefox is slow in Fedora due to all of the customizations and add-ons by developers.

        ~ ACPI cpufreq problem with default kernel (still investigating)

        ~ Using Firefox 1.5; hopefully 2.0 official update will be made available.

        ~ Default background is actually nice (versions available for dual screens and other aspect ratios)

        More to come soon...

        ~ Similar to the ATI drivers, the NVIDIA 1.0-9626 drivers need to be modified from including linux/config.h to linux/autoconf.h
        Last edited by Michael; 10-21-2006, 09:11 PM.
        Michael Larabel


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          Small note, following a discussion I had in -devel, I greatly doubt that FF 2.0 will make it into FC6 -updates - too much trouble involved.
          Most likely it'll wait till FC7.

          If you -really- want it (Or if you're using KDE - in such a case, breaking epiphany doesn't really matter...), just download the SRPMs and build them - it should work just fine.

          - Gilboa
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            Just built an FC6 RPM for Firefox 2.0 final, I am about to try it out.
            Michael Larabel