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Canonical Touts Its New Microsoft Partnership

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  • Canonical Touts Its New Microsoft Partnership

    Phoronix: Canonical Touts Its New Microsoft Partnership

    Canonical is promoting today its new partnership with Microsoft that allows Ubuntu Linux to run on Windows Azure...

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    Queue in the religious fanatics crying "treason!".


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      Inb4 "Canonical is a proprietary puppet used by Microsoft to destory Linux"


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        To be blunt, Azure has been a catastrophic flop for Microsoft. This move was only made so that Microsoft could try and remain relevant in the Virtual Machine software ecosystem.

        Emphasis on TRY.

        This announcement changes absolutely zilch, zero, nada, zip, nothing, nyet for Microsoft or Canonical's actual in-system usage.


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          I try not to keep up on what microshod is doing, but this sounds to me like they're moving from a provider of crappy software into network infrastructure?
          First off, why would you want to entrust your network services to microshoddy infrastructure when reliable options are available?
          Second, is it perhaps a more reasonable assessment that microshod is incapable of providing this service due to their inferior software and are therefore in the process of outsourcing the software platform to canonical, who actually have a decent platform?


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            Heh, why would anyone rational sign up for Azure just to run Ubuntu on it?

            This sounds like a good thing to try for Microsoft-centered managers who haven't dipped into Ubuntu yet, though.


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              It's headlines like these that make me happy I browse this site with AdBlock enabled.
              Yet another misleading, alarmist mess of an article. You don't deserve my page views.


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                Your impolite contribution to the thread is not appreciated.


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                  Your deceptive whoring for ad money is not appreciated. As much as I would like to, I have trouble believing this isn't deliberate.

                  It's disappointing that such an otherwise informative GNU/Linux news resource would be willing to pull such cheap tactics.


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                    I'm not an author of this or any articles on this website. Go read Planet Ubuntu instead if you want to see the same article.

                    Again, your foul language can stay elsewhere, as can your poor attitude. Your behaviour here is a disgrace and if you signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, you are violating it.