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Ubuntu 12.10 Working To Play A Sound Theme

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  • Ubuntu 12.10 Working To Play A Sound Theme

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 12.10 Working To Play A Sound Theme

    Discussed on Monday during the Ubuntu 12.10 Developer Summit were the plans to introduce a new sound theme to the Quantal Quetzel...

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    Customizing a sound theme? Wow! That's a novel Windows9x concept (and one that was also implemented in pre-pulseaudio Gnome before their "War On Choice/Options").


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      What about silence default?
      (...and stop wasting ressources on something that I couldn't care less about)


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        isn't this something ubuntu had back when they were still using gnome 2 as the default?


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          No, please no!

          Sound themes was something operating systems had in the early 90s when multimedia were new to the PC.

          Now it is just annoying. You don't want your computer to make annoying beeps and boops and sounds, its just annoying.
          Hearning the same sounds everyday gets really tiresome too.
          Often you listen to music and then sounds just mess up your experience.

          So, please no sounds!
          If you insist on sounds, then make the sounds no longer than 1 second, and limit sound events to situations where nescesary.


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            Blind people need sounds.