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ClearOS 6.2 Moves A Step Closer To Release

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  • ClearOS 6.2 Moves A Step Closer To Release

    Phoronix: ClearOS 6.2 Moves A Step Closer To Release

    While all the major RHEL derivatives are now up to version 6.2 in par with upstream Red Hat Enterprise Linux (see the RHEL vs. Oracle vs. CentOS vs. Scientific Linux benchmarks), ClearOS is still in beta for its 6.2 milestone...

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    I spent about 10 minutes on their site trying to find out whether they use samba3 or samba4.
    Then I found
    The emergence of Samba 4 will bring on support for Active Directory. The software should still be considered alpha!
    So they use samba3 and provide experimental packages for samba4 but I doubt it will be well integrated with the web interface.

    The last few days I was curious what a Linux server could provide in terms of user and file management for some Windows clients and it seems there are very few using samba4 for acting as an active directory server. One I found particularily easy and working well was resara.
    But then again, it's an Ubuntu 10.04 with samba4... Its admin console is not the most featureful but it is okay for managing accounts and profile data (and it's really easy to set up and use ).

    I am just wondering why so many of those alleged PDC replacements stick to this old software. They should at least try to provide something that can compete with windows servers...
    I don't mean, implementing all that overcomplicated active directory management stuff. I mean that stuff that most admins would actually use:

    User account management, profiles and files on network shares and what was missing in resara: Managing installed software on the windows clients at least (although I have a feeling that this part of AD is not completely implemented in samba4 yet).