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Performance Hit w/ Kubuntu 11.10. Advice??

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  • Performance Hit w/ Kubuntu 11.10. Advice??

    Hi all,

    Recently did a dist upgrade to Kubuntu 11.10,KDE 4.8 from 11.04 KDE 4.7.x and now performance is close to being unusable. The symptoms are just like the old i/o scheduling problem from distros past, however being 3.0.0-16 I would assume that scheduling should not be the issue. I'll outline my specs below, but for now; this is what's been happening:

    After boot and desktop comes up, there is a good 30-40 seconds of 100% cpu and disk throttling. Many processes are going into disk sleep, but I can still move the mouse and mem doesn't get near max usage: swap barely touched.

    After that settles down, I like to open up a program or two. Today it was Amarok and Firefox. Amarok: 50-60% cpu, sound stable, mem up a bit, swap used a bit. Start Firefox: 100% cpu, mem 80%, swap quite high (~30%), sound stutters like a repeating cd, mouse unresponsive, keyboard unresponsive, disk throttling. Sytem was like this for a minute or two.

    My question is, are other people who run Kubuntu 11.10 & KDE 4.8 having this happen too, or did the update go a little wrong (given that my nvidia driver had incorrect settings (see post in the 295.20 thread))? Is my system too weak to run KDE 4.8 with all it's expanded akonadi integration. I'd really appreciate some advice from those who know a lot more than I do.

    Specs:Intel Core2duo, 1Gig Ram, nVidia GTX260


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    No takers? really?

    Ok then, riddle me this.... found out that a kernel update can solve this issue, yet when I add kernel ppa or xorg edgers ppa, do a apt-get update, I STILL don't have any other kernel except 3.0.0-16.19 listed. Not Happy Jan!!!