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Scientific Linux 6.2 Finally Released

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  • Scientific Linux 6.2 Finally Released

    Phoronix: Scientific Linux 6.2 Finally Released

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 was officially released in December, and even CentOS 6.2 was released quickly, but the Scientific Linux version of RHEL 6.2 was quite slow this time around. Finally, however, Scientific Linux 6.2 is now officially available...

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    SL QA?

    Part of the issue being that any change in SL has to get thoroughly tested internally, then be released as a beta/"proposed" update, then any bugs from step2 get fixed (etc.), then it gets retested...
    I suspect that there's a lot more QA going on than with CentOS, from what I saw on the sl-users mailing-list, and from the "Beta-x" announcements.
    If you have a release out in 14 days, sure, a good build system might rebuild in 1 day (guestimated--it was 2-3 days on a couple machines to rebuild Debian, around 2007, and RHEL has fewer packages), but you'll need a few days to fix FTBFS problems (guessing 3-7 days), and that leaves under a week and a half to do any testing.
    CentOS probably figures that RH tested it, and they tested the RHEL6 betas, so you don't need to give it as thorough a test as if you just did a new release of an independent OS, or just pulled packages from Sid/Rawhide/... --which is reasonable, but I don't think Fermi or CERN are quite that comfortable with it.

    Maybe I'll upgrade my SL5 install sometime.