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A rolling distribution based on Debian?

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  • A rolling distribution based on Debian?

    I'd like some input from you regarding what are you using regarding a rolling release based on Debian. I'm torn between Crunch Bang (#!) and Sabayon. Are these good choices?? My preferences are for an easily installable (3 different machines) distro that has a good package manager. It has to support Evernote and Dropbox in the installer. I'd like to have the wifi installable by the package manager (broadcomm based on two machines). I've played with these distros, but maybe you have a better idea.
    Right now I'm using Backtrack, and Ubuntu 10.04 I'll have to upgrade in a few months, and have been using Ubuntu since 5.04 But I like the 2 panel desktop of gnome2. Its either these or Mint.