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How Ubuntu 12.04 Is Trying To Drop Power Usage

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    This is great! The only reason I switched back to w7 is because it offered better battery life.


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      That's some very well done, through research. I hope many of the issues will manage to get fixed.


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        I read: Ubuntu is trying to drop power users
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          Their idea for pm scripts didn't come from powertop, it came from Jupiter. It was even listed in a blueprint.

          It's about time, and I applaud the effort, but they are 2 years late.

          I created a tool that provides this service for Aurora Linux in 2009:

          Prior to the fork and rewrite as a generic tool, it was a tool for Eee PCs that I created in 2008.

          It is in use by thousands of Ubuntu users.

          It boggles the mind why they would desire to reinvent the wheel, but that's what Ubuntu does. My only guess is so they can call it their "innovation".


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            Originally posted by TeoLinuX View Post
            I read: Ubuntu is trying to drop power users
            Me too! I thought "well, at least they're being honest about it".


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              Originally posted by cking View Post
              So what are is Canonical doing?

              * Crowd-sourced the testing for the PCIe ASPM ( to ensure we didn't cause regressions by including Matthew's patch in an LTS. Kudos to Matthew for this.

              * Measured all the powertop recommendations across a bunch of machines and found a common set of improvements that should not cause any regressions for an LTS and added them into pm-utils. Maybe trivial, but we wanted to ensure we didn't cause any major upsets for an LTS.

              * Worked through a list of possible power saving options suggested during UDS: - this does take time to do accurately and methodically across a range of hardware. We have a lot of details results here and the Phoronix write up is a re-working of the top level summary of this work. I hope readers examine the original source data and understand how much effort has been put into identifying the low-hanging fruit. The data can be found at: It is useful to understand the kinds of power savings possible and understand exactly where to focus attention. Some of the work was just to identify low-risk low-hanging fruit.

              * Identified applications that were sub-optimally doing wakeups and we have engineers working on fixing these right now. See - as you may appreciate some issues are not quick fixes and require engineering time and effort to address.

              For those interested, there is a Power Management Wiki page:

              These issues are on our radar and we are devoting effort to this cause. This is work in progress.

              As ever, we are always very grateful for the community help in crowd-source testing some of these fixes.
              Thanks for sharing that


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                touchpad and mouse

                It causes shitload of cpu wakeups by its nature, I don't see why that's a problem or mistery, it's not OS dependent