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  • mixed source/binary distros

    I wonder why it cuts down to one or another most of the time. Either you got a great binary distri or a great source distri.

    Example: Debian. Great repository, great stability, not much to fiddle around with for simple setups. On the other hand if you really need to compile more than one or two packages yourself cause they are not properly maintained or you need different configure-options etc. pp you are in serious trouble.
    counterexample: Gentoo. Actually I love this distribution, but it takes like 3-4 days to set it all up and get it running. Compile-time might be an issue on some machines as well. Ofc it got the most powerful package manager, imo. The way you can micromanage your system is just incredible, but you are FORCED to micromanage it. Theres no in between.

    But there are some distributions, which are basically binary, but still very efficient if you got to compile some stuff yourself from time to time. As an example I have to name arch linux. Ofc (Free)BSD is similar in that way too, even if it tends to be more source-ish.

    What distributions do you guys consider fit for a mixed use of binary and self-compiling? Do you really have to choose between one of those? Is it really that difficult to merge the advantages of both systems?

    And please dont tell me I can compile on any Linux distro, I know that. Its about package systems, usability, efficiency, operation purpose and so on... otherwise everyone would use LFS, I guess.