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Linux Mint: The new Ubuntu?

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  • stevenaaus
    started a topic Linux Mint: The new Ubuntu?

    Linux Mint: The new Ubuntu?

    Ubuntu was a nice noob's distro for a while, but recently they've gone off the rails by many peoples accounts.

    Here's an article from Extremetech concerning the problems with Ubuntu and a little about Linux Mint
    But then came Canonical?s press release about moving towards tablets and mobile devices.
    Suddenly it all clicked: Unity was the beta of a touch interface.
    I downloaded Mint a while ago. It's a very mature and gorgeous desktop linux imho, and i love the cute console.

  • pony-tail
    I quite agree with the article !
    I jumped ship from Ubuntu to Linux Mint partly due to Unity and partly due to dismissive and sometimes even hostile responses of the moderators and fanboys on the Ubuntu forums at any complaint , criticism or suggestions of wanting any change in the unity interface . I was told that there are other distros if I do not like the way Unity was heading - so I did find one and switched to it . Problem solved !

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