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Ubuntu Acknowledges Boot Speed Problem

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    I guess that's one way of handling the power regressions: add a bigger problem and promise you'll fix it, hoping people will forget about the former. I know, power regressions are not Ubuntu's fault, but as one of the bigger distros based on the Linux kernel, there's nothing stopping them from lending a hand and/or providing a bit of feedback every now and then.

    @DaemonFC: I have also used XFS trouble-free. But then I messed up the FAT and found out that there's a very thin selection of recovery software for XFS. Now I use XFS on the system partition and EXT on /home.


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      How will encrypted root partitions be mounted if there's no initrd (and therefore, no cryptsetup)? Or can the initrd be generated manually?


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        Originally posted by DaemonFC View Post
        Ext4 is a dog.
        Canines are awesome, so EXT4 is awesome too?

        I'm looking forward to BTRFS to prevent bit rot and keep my data pristine and flawless.