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Ubuntu: Power Consumption, KVM, Mozilla, Etc

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  • Ubuntu: Power Consumption, KVM, Mozilla, Etc

    Phoronix: Ubuntu: Power Consumption, KVM, Mozilla, Etc

    Here's some of the notes from Wednesday at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando for discussing the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" plans...

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    Ubuntu One

    Two weeks ago I finally gave up on Ubuntu one. One thing a file synchronization solution should actually do well is file synchronization. Numerous times I found that it had decided to not sync files on various machines for no apparent reason, and not even tell me that it wasn't syncing. Even worse than that, there was no way to find out that this had happened other than manual inspection. If I can't trust it to sync files I sure as hell am not going to trust it for anything else. (Directories littered with .u1conflict files weren't exactly inspiring either.)

    I made the switch to Dropbox and it has always worked. Additionally they have RSS feeds so you are reassured syncing is happening, and you can get file versions going back 30 days (or more if you pay) so even if things completely screwed up you have far more chance of recovering.

    Canonical keeps trying to do this jack of all trades thing, but they are really master of none and it keeps getting worse.


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      I wonder if they're going to spend any time at these Summit meetings talking about how Unity / Gnome3 has rendered the newer Ubuntus completely worthless and unusable. I suspect they're just going to gloss over that and keep dinking around with these side issues.


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        Arrrrrrggssss!!! No Gnome 3.4 or latest Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 12.04?? That really sucks, Gnome 3.2 in Ubuntu 11.10 is already very good, the whole concept makes much more sense than Unity in my opinion. At first you think WTF?? but when you actually start using it, you will realize that it really works. And they even managed to get rid all the ugly visual parts, like glitches, tearing, jerky transitions... Unity + Compiz may suffer from. I am really afraid that Canonical is going to going to make a big mistake with completely new inventions, instead of tweaking existing ones like Gnome Shell to their taste.


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          Are they avoiding Clutter because it won't run on Unity 2D? I don't think not having enough space on CD would be the issue since Clutter is already the next gen thing on Gnome3 and avoiding it is silly. Also, anyone knows if there's a C++ backend for clutter?


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            Free SSH Shell on Every Ubuntu Box

            Does this mean that if I have an UbuntuOne account that, once this is released, I'll be able to ssh into every machine running this version of Ubuntu?


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              Originally posted by ImNtReal View Post
              Does this mean that if I have an UbuntuOne account that, once this is released, I'll be able to ssh into every machine running this version of Ubuntu?
              Of course not. There will have to be some actions by the administrator to enable it and configure what accounts can be used. If Canonical were smart they would tie this into Landscape and make Landscape free for home/small businesses (eg less than 10 machines). It would be great allowing an Ubuntu One login for all machines in your house for all people in your house. Admittedly I'd actually prefer to allow Google account logins.