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    Hi all,

    I've got an old Athlon XP 2500+ based system (1GB Ram and an x600 graphics card) that I'm currently using as a fileserver, but it is in need of a bit of maintenance.

    Basically, I'm looking at installing a couple of hard drives (they were going to be 1TB drives, but with the Thailand floods and the devastation they're causing over there, both human and industrial, it's going to be 500-750GB drives instead) in RAID 1 using a Startech 4 port RAID card.

    Now, I'm not worried about the card, I'm more thinking about the distribution I should use for the server.

    It's currently running CentOS 5, but CentOS has been a little late with updates etc so I was wondering whether I should go with another distro, maybe Scientific Linux?

    The fileserver has to serve a couple of Windows boxes and a Fedora box (FTP, SAMBA) and act as the backup server for automated backups (if possible) using AMANDA(?)

    Oh, I'll probably not have graphics and it'll be headless (apart from installation).

    Any suggestions gratefully received.