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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop To Be Supported Longer

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    Originally posted by madbiologist View Post
    Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
    It will be impressive when they support a release for 13 years.
    Who does this?
    Maybe that was a reference to Microsoft, with Windows XP that was released on 2001-10-25 and EOLs on 2014-04-08.
    Or Windows Server 2003, supported from 2003-04-24 until 2015-07-14 according to Wikipedia.


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      Great move imo the recent releases have had way more new features and way more new bugs than previous releases, hopefully this will really make 12.04 a ultra solid release to then innovate upon in 12.10 and 13.04
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        Good move Canonical,

        But i still would never use Ubuntu, not as my Desktop, and certainly not for a server or workstation.

        my own workstation; Archlinux 64bit

        my workstations @ work; CentOS 6
        my linux servers; Centos 5/6 (upgrading the 5s to CentOS 6 very soon).

        I've never found Ubuntu to be as good as it's sometimes cranked up to be. I've always found it to be buggy, bloated and unreliable. okay, maybe to tool around with, but not very suitable for actual production. That being said, i think extending the LTS will prove over time to be a good move For Ubuntu.

        Now they really need to re-think the 6month release cycle (which I think sucks, and is why i stopped using distros that have that approach). I can't imagine (anymore!) using a distro, that doesn't use the rolling release model. It is much much better.