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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Is The "Precise Pangolin"

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    Originally posted by fernandoc1 View Post
    They lost the opportunity to name an Ubuntu release as something like "Powerful Penguin".
    I second that! What a mess - it definitely should have been "Powerful Penguin". I'm probably gonna call 12.04 "Powerful Penguin" anyway, because I really like it.

    Originally posted by DaemonFC View Post
    Originally posted by fernandoc1 View Post
    I think that Ubuntu sometimes forgets that they are Linux.
    That much has been obvious since they deleted most of the references to Linux from their site and started advertising Microsoft Skype.
    What a despicable act!


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      Ubuntu codenames used to be kind of fun and catchy: Feisty, Natty, Edgy, Dapper, Lucid
      Oneiric.. okay.
      Precise... please (come up with something better) !

      I'm glad I finally stopped using/supporting Ubuntu. Their 6 month releases weren't stable enough to make it worth the trouble of having so many different versions (and packages for those versions). These days, I'm mainly interested in Debian, especially aptosid. Arch is a good backup distro if something like DVD ripping doesn't work on aptosid. I think I'm going to try out opensuse Tumbleweed as I like rolling release distros and KDE4 is finally polished enough for my liking.


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        and started advertising Microsoft Skype
        You mean that small icon they display under "It works will all your favorite apps" ? That is hardly any advertising, that is telling people that their favorite software (lot's of people know of and use skype) will work with Ubuntu.

        Who's confused? Desktop users? Under normal circumstances they never see the codename.
        Actually they see the codename all the time since that is what people use on the Ubuntu forums where they look for support. I think that most confusing part for the normal desktop user is to know whether the version that some blog/forum post is describing is for an older or newer version than the one that the user is using (when they use natty and hear about oineric). Of course we have learned that the system is in alphabet order but I would say that the average desktop user is not even that enlighted