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A Look Through Fedora 16 Alpha

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    Originally posted by devius View Post
    Looks good. Love the wallpaper.
    Just two things I don't like about Gnome3:
    - Huge title bar on every window
    - 90% wasted space on the top panel; all that horizontal space to accommodate a digital clock? WTF?
    Either than that I have no problems adapting to it or any other desktop environment for that matter, although I do prefer Unity. That package manager is beginning to look outdated.
    I agree with you about the title bar, but you can change the font size to fix it.
    The top panel,well, I also agree with you, but I don't see that as an area that needs to be crammed full of info, but some easy customization wouldn't go unmissed.
    Regarding the package manager, it actually was redesigned not so many years ago when package kit came along. They've made a least one small change with it this time (greying out of version numbers) but I could use a redesign if, for no other reason, than it is actually pretty inefficient to use compared to synaptic.


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      Originally posted by frantaylor View Post
      I really do wish that they had kept gnome-2 around as either a parallel install or an alternative install.
      They did. Its called "fallback mode".
      And no, you're not looking for gnome-2, you're looking for gnome-panel.


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        I installed the alpha on my laptop yesterday with no problems. I'm not a fedora user but the main difference I noticed, compared to my brief go on fedora 15, is it ran much faster and smoother. I found fedora 15 sluggish with open source graphics and catalyst drivers still have the annoying graphical glitches with gnome shell.

        I see gnome shell as having a lot of potential and look forward to watching it develop.