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A Look Through Fedora 16 Alpha

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  • frantaylor
    second class citizens

    If you try running Fedora >= 15 in vmware, it's decidedly a "second class citizen" experience without gnome-shell

    I understand the support difficulties, but I have a hard time getting anything done in Fedora nowadays. There are too many obscure settings, hidden away inside programs that are not installed by default. I've spent quite a while poking and prodding at my Fedora installations to get them to the point where I can do rudimentary things like:

    - turn off the screen blanking
    - get left-click to work
    - turn on focus-follows-mouse
    - remove launchers from the task bar

    In older fedoras, I could do all of these things in a few seconds, without installing any extra programs or googling around. Now every install is a new adventure as I discover more and more functionality has been shuffled off into some obscure checkbox on a program that I have to install first.

    I really do wish that they had kept gnome-2 around as either a parallel install or an alternative install. I love the new kernels in fedora, but I resent being treated as a beta tester. I do think that gnome-3 is a step in the right direction, but it's clearly not done yet. I just want a stable desktop so I can do my work without aggravation. I've started using gentoo because I can use a new kernel and keep gnome-2. I've also tried both Centos 6 and SL 6 with a custom-compiled new kernel RPM, but many of the packages are too old for my requirements.

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  • leif81
    The alpha has barely anything new in terms of gnome 3.2 stuff yet. Just wait, it should be in by F16 beta.

    BTW the screenshots are quite blurry. Must be an image compression thing.
    Last edited by leif81; 08-26-2011, 05:05 PM.

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  • d2kx
    Over the last years I have been running Debian, Ubuntu, Archlinux, Fedora, openSUSE, GNOME, KDE, XFCE, ... all had advantages and disadvantages and I could never decide what to stay with.

    I am glad these "fights" are over for me as Ubuntu (with Unity) nowadays is far ahead of its competition and this advance gets stronger with every new release. If you just compare Ubuntu 11.04 with a daily build (Beta 1 coming out next week) of Ubuntu 11.10 and see all those drastic improvements that are now happening every six months...

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