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    Originally posted by numasan View Post
    The newest version of Blender is 2.58 and 2.59 is around the corner, so I guess/hope F16 will ship with 2.59. Probably just a typo.
    Just checked Fedora 15 with "yum install blender" and 2.49b is the currently available version. So yeah the .47 has to be a typo because they wouldn't go backwards.


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      Never mind

      Originally posted by movieman View Post
      "Power users" want to get actual work done in the most efficient manner, and would rather switch to a different DE than have to install more crap in order to make one DE actually work.

      "Power users" have minimise and shutdown buttons and don't want to have to jump through hoops to get them.

      With even Linus abandoning Gnome 3 for XFCE, I'm guessing that's going to be the new "power user" default. I tried the latest Ubuntu version last night and it actually seems quite usable these days.
      The news has caught up to you.
      Interesting that he didn't realise the various ways to launch/switch an application other than overview. I think that says more about GS lack of discoverability than about its lack of features.
      Incidentally, I really wish discoverability was something the designers were more consistent with.