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What Do You Dislike or Hate About Ubuntu?

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    Originally posted by dfblogic View Post
    Ubuntu users
    Originally posted by dfblogic View Post
    cannot build an open source program with the default library install; they have to make a special effort to get build tools and the "-dev" versions of libraries
    You are doing it wrong.

    Originally posted by sabriah View Post
    Tell the Debian developers this.

    I guess some automated install of missing -dev files may fix it.

    But it is also a matter of size for a default installation.


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      I dislike the frequent regressions that are introduced on newer versions or package updates. When it comes to bleeding edge and stability nothing beats Fedora. I also don't like that some problems with certain applications or hardware only show up on Ubuntu and not other distros, leading me to believe that the Ubuntu specific patches sometimes cause more harm than good.

      PS: Unlike most people here Unity is the reason I switched back to Ubuntu.


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        Honestly I don't like the name. Turned me off from day one. U isn't the only vowel people!!

        But I know some people who were turned on to Linux by Ubunutubutu so thats a good thing. Also I do like Linux Mint, so thanks for that uubutubnu.


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          Originally posted by slojam View Post
          Honestly I don't like the name. Turned me off from day one. U isn't the only vowel people!!
          lol... i agree with you on this. i have a friend who thinks the name is stupid too and can't get past it.

          couldn't they come up with something badass instead?


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            The app store a.k.a. that POS they use as the application menu in Unity.


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              I dislike Ubuntu because it uses Gnome instead of KDE.


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                built-in proprietary software support
                Debian compatibility
                FireFox/Chrome updates
                Target platform diversity (studio, MID)
                Top-down decisions
                Poor changes maintence,testing,fallback (currently Thunderbird crash fix taked some month to fix(why regression not caused fallback?), FGLRX install/uninstall kernel incompatibility problems, PulseAudio startup/architecture problems persist, Skyoe 1-run problem fixed by fallback and then yep again herewego
                System design changes not available as repository modules with dependance on newer system(imho this bring chaos in mind of system dev's and incompatibility) ?am i wrong?.
                Mono Support i really like that coding platform, also this is strategic pice in GPL/Linux
                As many noted but i not checked backports to Debian.
                Firefox not built-in update
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                  Unity, and cargo cult of Macs. 'nuff said.

                  Of course I hate unity not due to it using 3D resources, aka that its based on compiz, I actually like and still use compiz.

                  I hate akward interface they just force on us, and use kubuntu now due to that (with compiz)


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                    The so-called stable versions of software

                    They keep (very) old versions of software as stable even when upstream already released 2 or 3 versions marked as stable. Ubuntu (and Debian and maybe others) then try to backport those changes into their "stable" vision of that software. I really can't understand how this can happen in Linux.

                    Maybe it had some reasoning 10 years ago but now I don't see any excuse for it. Even latest git packaged by a capable maintainer is more stable and feature rich than what Ubuntu has.


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                      Originally posted by RealNC View Post
                      I dislike Ubuntu because it uses Gnome instead of KDE.
                      They have Kubuntu (as most distros provide the option to chose one or another DE) but I wouldn't recommend that for any KDE lover. It's not a vanilla KDE and that only hurts.