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Fedora Core 6 Test 3

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  • Fedora Core 6 Test 3

    Fedora Core 6 Test 3 was released earlier this week. When comparing FC6T3 to previous candidates, most noticeable is probably the new artwork that went into this release. Other highlights is Xen improvements, yum Anaconda support, and setroubleshoot.

    Some screenshots are provided @

    A few random thoughts...

    ~ /sbin/loader seems to hang when starting Anaconda with FC6T3 on a IDE drive backed by a SiS Southbridge. Still exploring this issue on that specific system.

    ~ On a Canterwood (875P) system Anaconda also failed to start.

    ~ On a different system, when using an X1800 Anaconda auto-configured the display correctly but when starting rhgb the entire display was skewed and distorted (will grab a pic soon). When removing rhgb from the boot parameter, this problem goes away and doesn't occur with GDM.

    ~ ATI fglrx driver installation requires a few tweaks @

    I did come across a few other oddities when installing FC6T3 on a few other systems, and will post any relevant information upon coming across it again. A few random noticeable bugs still exist in FC6T3.

    I have decided not to move FC6T3 on any of my personal production machines, but will likely move it to the standard for benchmarking systems. Fedora Core 6 final should be out in early October.

    Anyone else have any experience with FC6T3?
    Michael Larabel

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    FC6 Yum Applet

    Here are two shots to demonstrate the Fedora Core 6 yum applet, which will provide pop-up notifications when yum updates are available.

    Michael Larabel