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    Originally posted by Anvil View Post
    " Usability Studies " ? i dont see any so called studies? got any links to prove these theories of yours? can you theme Unity shell? NO go over to the gnome mailing list an you'll get some facts why the Gnome-shell is so much better than Unity, maybe you should of did that before you made yourself look stupid.
    Sorry, but I tried both - Shell and Unity and Unity was much more comfortable for me, so I don't have to make any studies to say this.

    It was enough to type "unity usability" in Google:


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      Now I realise that some people just like to complain, and don't bother to look for solutions, but there are plenty of very easy to install extensions to do lots of "GNOME 2" things in GS.

      Everyone complaining about how "bad" GNOME Shell is, should have a read through this blog

      I recommend you look through and try fpmurphy's extensions.

      Personally, I've got the theme selector and Zukitwo theme, noa11y, poweroptions, and the applicationsbutton extensions. Along with "official" auto-window-mover extension.

      You can use gnome-tweak-tool to change the fonts, and a few other things. But extensions are really where the cool things in GS will happen.


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        why does gnome-tweak-tool remind me of TweakUI...