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  • Morphix

    Totally forgot about this distribution... hadn't used it or even heard much news on it since 2003, but apparently the gang at Morphix is still working. Released earlier this week were three new releases.

    The following have been released:-

    * MorphingMorphix 0.3
    * MorphixLiveKiosk 0.01
    * New Morphix Base - 0.5pre6 - code name 'Amalthea'
    * Also, aquamorph version 0.4 has seen the light

    I remember back in 2003 I had enjoyed Morphix, but I will have to give this new version a shot this weekend to see how it looks/runs these days. (This also reminds me back with Overclockix, but it doesn't look like they have pushed out a new release in over a year --
    Michael Larabel

  • #2
    Wow, I didn't realize they were still releasing either. I used to use it back then when Debian based live cds became very popular and everyone could make one that booted, but when it came time to apt-get upgrade, stuff began to break. I haven't expiremented with too many distros other than *buntu and Gentoo the last few years though so I don't know, but I certainly hope that those times (where upgrades from the debian repos wouldn't fit in right with the custom modifications) have past.