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Ubuntu 11.04 May Default To Classic GNOME Desktop

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  • Ubuntu 11.04 May Default To Classic GNOME Desktop

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 11.04 May Default To Classic GNOME Desktop

    When Mark Shuttleworth and co announced last year that Ubuntu 11.04 would deploy a Canonical-developed Unity desktop environment instead of the GNOME 3.0 Shell or the classic GNOME2 desktop, many users were concerned by this move with Unity on Ubuntu Netbook not even being in great shape, etc. Concerns over Unity by default in Ubuntu 11.04 have only grown with the Unity interface in Ubuntu 11.04 Beta still being sluggish and broken in areas. Now it looks like Canonical may default Ubuntu 11.04 to using the classic desktop...

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    chickens I say!


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      good idea

      While the progress of Unity has been impressive, it doesn't feel quite ready. I still get the odd exception with Natty b1, and some of the UI needs fine-tuning. I usually revert to the classic desktop even on a netbook. I think it needs another 6 months as the default desktop for all the Ocelot alphas to really bake in. When you think about it, that's nothing - it took nine years for Gnome 3 to be ready.


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        Why does Ubuntu always have to fix things in time? Haters won't get to whine about how awful it is then :\

        Myself, there's still ample time to go to fix things in Unity... I'll be switching it it permanently (trying in beta right now).


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          You'll see, they won't default to classic Gnome. Unity is not that broken.


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            They should default to KDE


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              Don't delay it

              It would probably be a mistake to delay the Unity desktop to 11.10. What would the changelog be for 11.04; "Gnome now has a global menu and some programs have had a version bump, the end"?.

              The Unity developers are still working hard pushing in new features. I submitted a bug report for "Alt-F2 doesn't open apturls" a couple of days ago, and today the Unity Alt-F2 function will now open any kind of URL. If you've noticed a bug or a missing feature, you might still be able to report it and get it fixed before release.


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                Would be a great opportunity for gnome-shell to generate even more interest on Ubuntu


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                  Originally posted by virtualspectre8 View Post
                  You'll see, they won't default to classic Gnome. Unity is not that broken.
                  Having used it for several weeks before switching to Fedora 15... it is... Mutter might be slow, but it works better.


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                    Also, keep in mind, that the Natty "release" is not the "end all".

                    Unity can still receive stability and bug-fix updates after Natty is released, just like other software packages.