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  • Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
    I find your dehumanizing attitude towards these people disturbing on a number of levels, so let's clear some things up:

    * Software is a tool, not a social experience.
    * Source code is not a basic right, if people choose to share it, good for them, if not, good for them.
    Bull's eye #2

    * Software available under a permissive license will never make you more or less free than you already are.
    Time to cash in your winning trifecta ticket.


    • Originally posted by curaga View Post
      Have you taken a look at what those closed-source apps do? They gather and sell your data, even data they have no reason to access, and to all buyers they can get their hands on.

      And the only protection? Rooted phone, iptables.
      Yep. There are a lot of dodgy apps in Android Market asking all sorts of permissions, and for a user it's not always clear if the app really needs them. There's a real trust problem here. That's a major downside of Android which is non-existent with your standard Linux distro and the repository scheme with its collection of open source apps.

      Sad to say that Android is becoming the Microsoft Windows of mobile operating systems: A heaven for malware writers. And Google doesn't even seem to care


      • Originally posted by monraaf View Post
        And Google doesn't even seem to care
        Why would they care? Their entire business model depends on data and stat retrieval to target a specific audience to maximize their profits.