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Debian 6.0 Was Just Released!

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    Originally posted by t.s. View Post
    Hope you're doing fine with your installation .
    so far i'm finding it a lot more painful than debian, but thats mostly because arch doesn't seem to have a decent graphical installer and i accidentally installed the FULL kde desktop, not the minimal, so i had to wait several hours for that and i'm spending a good hour uninstall most of the stuff. once i'm done setting everything up i'm sure things will get a lot easier. i just hope my old settings will still work in this newer software.


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      One big noticeable change is the boot time. It goes down from minutes to seconds.

      The installer experience changed a little from early versions, you will want to use Expert mode because the Normal mode assumes way too many things

      The moving of blobs to non-free means some trouble if you use netinstall (will prompt you for firmware blobs); Example: Sata/Raid/Ethernet controller for some servers.