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What Was Your First Linux Distribution?

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  • PLD (Polish(ed) Linux Distribution, AKA PLD Linux Distribution) 0.99 (not stable yet)- it was distribution shown me by my former friend of mine who used to work in an Internet Caf? (do you remember them ?) but the first distribution I've installed on my PC (Celeron 333mhz, 64mb ram, 10gb hdd) was the Red Hat Linux 7.2 installed from (afaik) 6 cds... than Mandrake 8 or 9. Than Ubuntu 6.06
    now I kind of value my time, so I've switched to Windows for a everyday tasks.


    • Originally posted by szymon_g View Post
      now I kind of value my time, so I've switched to Windows for a everyday tasks.
      Sounds like you were using free hobbyist community distros. An odd choice for someone who's concerned about time. Those are for folks who like to tinker.

      I use Linux because I value my time, RHEL 6 specifically. A proven rock solid enterprise grade OS with vendor support. I don't have time to dork around with the never ending stream of Windows issues bugs hacks patches and workarounds, I need something that just works, no excuses. For me, that's RHEL 6.
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      • Mandrake

        Mandrake Linux 9.0 (I'm not sure about version).


        • My real first was Crunchbang. I had dabbled in different distros, and singled out this one as my favourite. I'm using Ubuntu 14.10 right now.


          • Mandrake, but no idea which version. Or possibly that live-CD-distro Knoppix, which I used on my mom's computer and I liked the preinstalled "engima" game, so I booted into Knoppix from time to time. Anyway, it used Linux 2.4. It probably was around 2002? I think it was even before I got my own computer, and that was at the time of my christian Confirmation.

            I remember it used lilo, and I had problems with all kind of hardware. I think not even the mouse behaved correctly when I used it the first time. I never got audio to work.

            Some time later, I had some linux distro (mandrake? debian woody? I remember downloading woody?) on my own computer, and I couldn't get wifi to work. And I had no ethernet connection. So that sucked. I compiled some kernel modules (ath-whatever) at least 20 times, following instructions on 5 sheets of paper which I printed from another computer, and watched the LED on my wifi PCI card blink when I insmod'ed the module, but I couldn't get a connection.

            Few years later: Ubuntu. BAM! Everything working out of the box. Possibly unrelated to Ubuntu but simply because of better/newer kernel.

            Yeah, since then, I've used Ubuntu all the time. And Arch Linux for my "home server" system. I know it's strange, but systemd is a big win for a server, and that machine only runs basic daemons like nginx and minidlna, no complicated X setup, so it has never failed for me yet. While I guess X/video drivers/desktops break from time to time when using Arch. And I especially love Unity, so I'll stick to Ubuntu because Unity in Arch is quite the adventure (though I tested it and it works, it's just questionable how stable it is when the next gnome update or whatever comes in). I hope Unity8 will not turn out to be crap, because then I'll have to port Unity7 to Wayland, which could be impossible using my skillset.


            • Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) was my very first, when it was released. After 6 months of fiddling I moved to Debian and after a year to -still immature then- Arch. I rolled back to Ubuntu for a while but now I wouldn't change Arch for any other distro


              • My first Linux distribution was Slackware back in 1995 running on a 486DX2-66 PC.
                Linux CDs were included in books at that time, in the pre-internet era (at least for me).
                Then I tried RedHat using the same "distribution channel".
                I remember a Motif-like Window Manager, a gray background and stuff like Xeyes...
                I was a long-time Amiga user, so I wasn't impressed at all!
                Internet changed everything in the second half of the '90s.
                Netscape 1.0, KDE 1.0, and so on, installed the same day they were released!
                I (slowly...) downloaded dozens of distributions... I can't even remember their names.
                For almost a decade Linux suffered a lot the "competition" with Windows on my systems.
                Buggy and slow drivers (or no drivers at all!), made difficult switch to linux for everyday use.

                Finally in the late 2006 was "love at first sight"... the perfect Linux!
                Archlinux was her... its name.


                • This thread should be a poll. People are not going to read the first 35 pages.

                  Anyway: Knoppix (briefly) on a live CD. Then Kubuntu 5.04. "Because serious nerds need to know UNIX" Of course, with ubuntu i didn't learn much Now i am reading the debain administrator handbook and have cruchbang on the netbook. Xubuntu on the tower.


                  • I don't even remember what my first attempt was. Red Hat 5 or Mandrake Linux or something... Didn't last too long, rpm was too much of a pain in the ass.

                    Then I found Debian and it was the first I actually used for real.

                    I've tried all kinds of distros over the years, but nowadays I just run Fedora on my desktop... It's reasonably fresh software and all basics work right out of the box with next to no configuration... I get to do enough of that at work :P


                    • Debian Woody