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  • Ubuntu System Panel

    A user on the Ubuntu Forums has done some pretty cool things to form an Ubuntu System Panel (USP). It's largely based upon the SLED (SuSE) menu system. It looks pretty interesting and has potential from the screenshots.

    * Supports drag and drop
    * USP is pin-able to allow you to drag items from the original ubuntu menu
    * Show only the pane, you want to see
    * Filter applications/places
    * Search computer
    * 'All Applications' pane showing all applications as icons
    * Configure frequently used items directly from USP
    * Right click to edit labels directly in Applications/Places panes
    * Fully configurable search, more-applications and system items
    * Fast
    * Supports 'Plugins' if developers are willing to write them
    Michael Larabel

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    That does look nice! Too bad it's based on GNOME.

    /me runs from Michael.


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      Yeah, too bad.


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        Why too bad ?

        I expect for years a stable KDE ( for an average user maybe is stable as is now ) - but I work with images and sounds and here the KDE is far for ideal. It is extremely unstable working with images and videos (editing) - so for me is unusable.

        Kde 4 introduce some new visual paradigm (plasma) - UI is done very well - But Plasma still has a lack of visual consistency - and also KDE 4 still keep the stability issues - over the good speed of UI operations.

        Gnome is pretty stable vs KDE (which is more usable for new users).
        SO the truth is - I can't live without Gnome for my daily tasks - but I still hope in a rock KDE.